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Head Chef David – from Royalty to Film stars to The Plough Inn

Heading our team in the kitchen is David Leach, whose 40 year career has been highlighted by the preparation of a banquet for Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the Shetland Islands. He moved on to London and the Grosvenor Hotel, near Borehamwood Studios. Here he cooked for many stars including Mia Farrow, her husband Andre Previn and Stanley Kubrick, director of the film ‘Clockwork Orange’.

We pride ourselves in bringing food to your table that tastes as it used to do. Within all our menus you will find dishes of delicious food sourced from local farmers.

We buy direct from the farmer because it is important to us to be able to trace our products and to support our local farming community. Their meat is processed locally, reinforcing the importance of the high standard of animal welfare practised by our suppliers. Let us introduce you to some of them now.

Hellifield Highland Beef – The Green Farm, Hellifield

3 miles from Wigglesworth

The animals belonging to the Philip family are grazed within the Yorkshire Dales National Park predominantly on grass. The beef is a natural and healthy product, low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in Omega 3 and very tasty!

More information on Hellifield Highland Beef can be found on their website

The Blue Pig Company – Mearbeck Farm, Long Preston

2 miles from Wigglesworth

Farmers, Andrew and Anthony Bradley farm a ‘Blue Pig’ which is a cross between a Gloucester Old Spot and a Saddleback. They produce tasty traditional free-range pork from rare breed outdoor pigs.

More information on The Blue Pig Company can be found on their website

Rathmell Organic Lamb – Far Cappleside Farm, Rathmell

2 miles from Wigglesworth

Farmer, Adrian Proctor rears organic Shorthorn, Hereford, Aberdeen Angus Cattle and Polled Dorset and Lleyn Sheep. By adopting an organic approach to farming Adrian does not use hormones, pesticides or chemical fertilisers and therefore the meat he produces tastes delicious and is of the highest quality.

Special Diets

Gluten-Free Diet

Sue has recently been diagnosed as a Coeliac sufferer – we are members of the Coeliac Society ( – and so we understand all the difficulties that can be experienced by Coeliac diners. We offer a wide range of homemade gluten-free dishes on our menus which are carefully identified with ‘G’ and so you can enjoy your meal confident in the knowledge that you won’t suffer any ill effects. Our Jus/Sauces are reduced and not thickened and our gravies are thickened with gluten-free products. You can also have homemade chips, which you can be assured are cooked in untainted vegetable oil. As an added bonus you can enjoy a glass of gluten and wheat free beers which we source from Green’s of Shipley. (

Vegetarian Diet (Vegetarian Dishes are identified with a V)

We always have a number of Vegetarian dishes on our menus (identified with ‘V’) and we are happy to cook other dishes to order if we have suitable ingredients. We can also provide you with homemade chips, which are cooked in untainted vegetable oil.

Other Special Diets.

We can cater for other diets including dairy-free and vegan. Some dishes are readily available from our menus and we are happy to cook others to order if we have the ingredients. With notice we will prepare your special dish – so give us a call.

Start the day with our Deliciously Yorkshire Breakfast

The Plough Inn has been awarded accreditation for serving delicious Yorkshire breakfasts, which include a minimum of 5 items sourced locally. It’s worth staying overnight just to eat our breakfast!

See example of breakfast menu <<<

From traditional Bar Meals to sophisticated Limited Editions

You can choose your meal from our traditional Bar Menu, our Gourmet Sausage Menu or our more sophisticated ‘Limited Editions’ Menu. Our Dessert Menu featuring ‘Mrs Dowsons Dairy-made icecream’ and a ‘Platter of Yorkshire Dales Cheeses’ offers plenty of choices to complete your meal.

Our Traditional Bar Menu

This menu is available every lunchtime and evening. The menu features traditional dishes such as homemade Steak & Kidney Pie, battered Whitby Scampi, succulent char-grilled Gammon and tender char-grilled Steaks. Amongst our vegetarian choices is a vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie topped with Goat’s Cheese Mash.

See example of bar menu <<<

Wigglesworth lies on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire. We have chosen to reflect this rather precarious location in our menu by waging our own War of the Roses. The traditional dishes of each county – Yorkshire Pudding and Lancashire Hotpot – compete for popularity, and a scoreboard in the bar shows which ‘Rose’ currently has the upper hand.

Beer and Wine

Steve personally selects the wines served at The Plough Inn. The wine list offers an interesting and comprehensive selection of red and white wines from both the old and new worlds. A range of Champagne, sparkling wines and delicious dessert wines are also included. A selection of wines are available by the glass.

Steve also takes great pride in serving the perfect glass of hand-pulled ale. Tetley and Black Sheep Ales, both brewed in Yorkshire, are always available as is a great range of spirits and soft drinks.

Add a third paragraph as follows: We don’t want to leave out our coeliac customers and so we stock a small range of gluten free beers and lagers produced by Green’s of Shipley.

See Wine List <<<

The Bar Menu also includes a range of freshly prepared sandwiches and salads and, as you would expect at The Plough Inn, a truly magnificent Ploughman’s Lunch.

See Bar Menu <<<

Our Gourmet Sausage Menu

This menu is also available every lunchtime and evening and showcases a range of sausages made especially for The Plough Inn by Jacksons of Cracoe using the finest quality Yorkshire Pork and natural sausage skins. Choose from the 10oz Ribblesdale Ring, the 8oz Wigglesworth Knot and the Trio of Craven Straights.

See Gourmet Sausage Menu <<<

Our Limited Editions Menu

Our Limited Editions menu is available every lunchtime (apart from Sunday) and every evening. The menu evolves day by day and allows our Chefs to demonstrate their culinary skill with a wide variety of different produce and tastes. Fresh Fish dishes are always featured as are dishes using exotic meats such as Kangaroo and Ostrich.

See example of Limited Editions Menu <<<

Our Sunday Lunchtime Menu

Available every Sunday lunchtime, this menu always features traditional Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding as well as either Roast Pork or Roast Lamb, Chicken and Fresh Fish.

See example of Sunday Lunch Menu <<<

Our Dessert Menu

Our dessert menu features a selection of both hot and cold desserts, luxury ice creams and sorbets. You can choose between our Platter of English Cheeses or experience a taste of the Yorkshire with our Platter of Yorkshire Cheeses (Coverdale, Lowerdale, Wensleydale and Yorkshire Blue). You can finish your meal with a cafetiere of Colombian Coffee accompanied by a glass of Port or Madeira.

See example of Dessert Menu<<<


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